How Does Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work

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How does a hydrogen fuel cell work? Hydrogen fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy by converting hydrogen gas and oxygen into water. Oxygen is readily available in the atmosphere, so it’s only necessary to supply the fuel cell with hydrogen, which happens to be the most common element available on Earth.

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The hydrogen travels through the anode of a fuel cell and oxygen goes through the cathode. At the anode, the hydrogen is split into electrons and protons. The protons move through the electrolyte membrane, while the electrons travel through a circuit, generating an electric current and excess heat.

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Here's how a fuel cell produces electricity: Hydrogen gas from the tank (shown here as big brown blobs) feeds down a pipe to the positive terminal. Hydrogen is flammable and explosive, so the tank has to be extremely strong. Oxygen from the air (big turquoise blobs) comes down a second pipe to the negative terminal.